Mobile Application Development

Developing native and hybrid mobile applications that are able to stand out in the market requires a mix of artistic talent, careful planning, and technical expertise. We develop native applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, as well as cross-platform hybrid applications that are compatible with all major mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

All our consumer and enterprise mobile applications distinguish themselves for their beautiful design, intuitive navigation, and solid back-end infrastructure. When every graphical and technical element seamlessly works together, navigating a mobile application becomes an effortless and enjoyable experience, which makes you wonder why more applications were not built in the same way.

Web Application Development

Brands need to be able to connect emotionally with their target audience in order to stand out in the market. Our beautiful web designs enable our clients’ brands to emotionally connect with their customers, while providing an intuitive navigation that makes the discovery of information stress-free. Our web solutions provide a wide range of options, from Content Management Systems, to e-Commerce and Social Networks, to Mobile-Only Websites, to Cross-Platform Responsive Websites, and Mobile-Web Applications. We work with our clients to optimize their enterprise or customer web development strategy, and provide a solid infrastructure that reliably supports their web business’ growth.

As feature-rich applications and websites grow more popular, so do their back-end infrastructure requirements. More product functionality, more user interaction and more visitors all translate into the need for more servers, more storage, more databases, and more Internet bandwidth. Popular applications and websites also demand that their service is constantly available to its users, which means developing highly-available and redundant hardware and software.

We relieve our clients from the burden and stress associated with managing and developing their back-end infrastructure, by providing a comprehensive range of IT Infrastructure solutions. From simple Shared Web Hosting, to Dedicated Servers, to Content Delivery Network, and Cloud Computing Hosting, we have a solution that can support the demands of our client’s high-growth applications and websites.

Digital Marketing & Analytics

On very rare occasions, some applications or websites have the unusual blessing of being able to experience meteoric rise in popularity, thanks only to unexpected widespread word-of-mouth. However, most of the times, traffic growth requires a well-planned digital marketing strategy and methodical analytics.

We leverage analytics to test a range of marketing hypotheses and use the findings to develop creative and effective digital marketing strategies, whichenable our clients’ applications and websites to reach a higher percentage of the intended target audience. We provide a wide range of services from Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Mobile Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Analytics.

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